This map is designed to help facilitate cycling  through the city, especially your first kilometers. Zagreb is only partially covered with bike paths that do not yet form a complete network necessary for the efficient and comfortable mobility and access to the entire city. That is why, in addition to bicycle paths, is necessary to use the additional features for some time to meaningfully cycle around the city : streets with low intensity of motor transport, river banks and parks.

This map includes various options and recommendations for urban cycling. Bike paths are first choice and the map includes all the bike paths. With the help of streets and embankments in the necessary places, we tried to connect Zagreb to complete network and ensure the availability of a bike to 200m to every point in the city.

Cycling paths that are classified as “acceptable” are comfortably and efficiently most of the time, but still with occasional pedestrians on the trail and frequent need to stop and pressing the scoreboard. “Worse” paths are often interrupted at junctions (attention: according to the law you are bound to push the bike), narrowed occasional café terraces or trash cans, drawn on too narrow sidewalks and usurped by pedestrians.

Low-traffic volume roads are suitable for cycling beginners while other roads with no restrictions for cycling are recommended only to experienced cyclists.

Children under 14 are not allowed to ride a bicycle on roads. The sidewalks which are classified as “broad and accessible” suit the standard that is used in Zagreb for bicycle routes (Zagreb still does not have the right bike paths but  all are painted on sidewalks and shared space with pedestrians).

The “bad” sidewalks will generally require to push the bike, but unfortunately they not avoidable for connecting routes for children. Please note that adults are not allowed to cycle on sidewalks if they were not marked as bike paths, but children are usually tolerated. In any case, when you share space with pedestrians be especially careful and considerate.

We believe that this map will help a number of citizens with the decision to start a ride around the city and help in the selection of suitable roads. Also, this map can help determine the priorities in the development of cycling infrastructure: connecting existing trails in the complete network, availability of selected parts of the city and improve the quality of existing trails.

We wish you a safe and joyful cycling around the city. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or assistance.

We continue to advocate the development of cycling infrastructure in Zagreb and hope necessary to supplement these maps with new quality tracks. We are looking forward to get your feedback and suggestions for improvements in future releases.

Biciklistička staza ili trakaBicycle path or lane
Relativno malo prometaRelatively little traffic
Neznatan prometInsignificant traffic
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Bolji nogostupBetter walkway
Lošiji nogostupPoorer walkway
Bolji puteljakBetter path
Lošiji puteljakPoorer path


Gradski ured za energetikuThis project was realized with financial support of the City of Zagreb,
City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.