We have produced and submitted hundreds of smaller interventions that enhance comfort, safety and quality of cycling infrastructure. We invest a lot of effort in small actions, initiatives and projects in order to contribute achieving our vision of the city made for people.

Small communal actions

Since almost every renovation or reconstruction of public urban areas (roads, sidewalks, parks) can be used to improve conditions for cycling, we decided to use MKA as a tool for raising the quality of the Zagreb cycling infrastructure. In doing so, we always strive to improve the experience of riding a bicycle does not come at the expense of pedestrians, as opposed to the usual City practices.

City without barriers

Inspired by numerous proposals and requests of our members, we have made an application for registration problems in traffic infrastructure. Through this application, we will make sure that the problems and suggestions cyclists, people with disabilities, pedestrians and other road users reach the authorities responsible for solving them.

Cycling through the city

This map is designed to help facilitate cycling through the city, especially your first kilometers. Zagreb is only partially covered with bike paths that do not yet form a complete network necessary for the efficient and comfortable mobility and access to the entire city. That is why, in addition to bicycle paths, is necessary to use the additional features for some time to meaningfully cycle around the city : streets with low intensity of motor transport, river banks and parks.