Pedalafest is the largest cycling festival in Croatia during which are held lectures of regional and international experts, workshops, panels, bicycle fairs, concerts, exhibitions, screenings and performances. Pedalafest is focused on achieving two main goals: to promote the culture of cycling and transfer of knowledge on sustainable urban transport.

The festival encourages discussion about the importance of the bicycle as an ideal means of transport in cities. The festival unites all who share the same values about the importance of equal mobility conditions, improving public spaces and the transition towards sustainable cities.

The festival features traffic experts and activists from EU and the region to share their experiences of the traffic planning and transformation of cities. For visitors will be organized numerous workshops that will present the possibilities of repairing, maintaining and decorating bicycles and production of mobile sound systems. The youngest friends of bicycles will get a chance to participate in the Little School of safe driving so they could ride on the streets independently and better prepared in the future.

Pedalafest 2014

Pedalafest 2014 again sets sustainable transport planning in the spotlight of the public and the media and through educational workshops, panels, exhibitions and lectures conveys the best European experiences and examples of what can be applied in Croatia and the region. The festival was held with diverse professional, educational and entertaining program, aimed at all; children, parents, traffic experts, associations, city authorities and of course the public.

The second edition of Pedalafest brought together representatives of European associations, traffic planners, urban planners and experts, representatives of embassies and the private sector in Denmark, Netherland, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatia to exchange knowledge, ideas and good practice from their own countries.

Pedalafest is entirely organized by volunteers and members of the Cyclists’ Union association. Estimated number of volunteer hours spent is more than 1,000, what gives added value to the festival.

Co-organizer of the festival is the Student Center, which provided space for the festival program, and has provided logistical and organizational support. Denmark and the Netherlands Embassy with Heinrich Boell Foundation supported the festival and this year and ensured the arrival of foreign experts for the purpose of knowledge transfer and the promotion of sustainable traffic development in the cities.

The main sponsors of the festival were Dukat and Iskon, who recognized the positive idea and message that Pedalafest promotes and its contribution to enable the organization of the festival at a high level.

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