We are conducting diverse educational programs to raise awareness about the utility and recreational cycling which does not depend on age, gender, community service status, wealth, education, employment or place of residence. We promote respect for cultural and traffic regulations driving among all road users, especially among cyclists.

The most important part of our work relates on educational lectures and workshops in Zagreb elementary schools and kindergartens. We have focused on youth education for long-term positive effect. We especially recommend the successful cooperation with elementary school Fran Galovic with which we participate in a multi-year project “Fran’s bike” and with elementary school Lovro pl. Matacic where we have organized a program on the occasion of the European Mobility Week for the second year in a row.

Bike to kindergarten and school

Bike to kindergarten and school project includes children of preschool age, elementary school students and their parents. Through the project we organize workshops and lectures on the topic of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport as well as a healthy and fun recreational mean of commuting. We promote environmental, economic and health aspects of bicycle use for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole. Educational workshops on various topics: traffic regulations and tolerance in trade with emphasis on cycling in traffic, history, development and types of bicycles, the difficulties and the way to overcome them while riding a bike, cycling infrastructure and safe driving in traffic and the selection of the most suitable roads and trails on actual Zagreb examples, equipment for cycling and others.

Freedom has two wheels

We improve the mobility of young people by counseling young people about the bicycle as the healthiest and cheapest and practical mean of commuting in a way that will contribute to their security, independence and the benefits of life in the city. Within the project, there were a number of lectures where the participants got a better picture of the important aspects of cycling. The lectures have covered topics that for the purpose had to teach students how to work around or solve problems they may encounter so that they can freely enjoy the use of the bicycle as their primary or an important means of crossing the city. This is particularly related to the development of awareness of all road users, and safe and practical driving.

Among other actions include a lecture on practical tips for cycling in winter condition and talk about the benefits of cycling and climate change that we held at the Faculty of Traffic Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy and Cultural Centre of Tresnjevka.

Anyone who wants to make cycling closer to children and young people may invest time, energy and creativity involved in our work.

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”
H.G. Wells

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