The association “Cyclists’ union” participates in the international project “Bike to Work” which aims to encourage and facilitate the use of bicycles for commuting. The main objective of this project is to achieve energy efficiency in traffic by transition of commuting by cars to bicycles.

This project approaches its goal in two related ways. On the one hand, seasonal campaigns targeting workers motivates and rewards those who begin or increase the number of arrivals to work by bicycle. On the other hand, expert advice and assistance in the implementation are available for employers to make their working environment adapted to the needs of workers who come to work by bicycle. These two approaches complement each other and create a positive synergy whose successful combination means that more workers exploited all the benefits of better conditions for the arrival to work by bicycle.

Campaign “Bike to Work” have proven to be extremely effective in raising the number of people who commute by bicycle. Such campaigns have also been effective in achieving long-term changes in behavior and habits related to the mode of transport in traffic, whose effects linger long after the campaign.

For the individual, there are many benefits of traveling by bike to work: improved health and fitness, weight reduction, saving money and better mood.

Companies participating in the program generate additional benefits in the form of savings on infrastructure investments and maintenance of large parking lot for its employees, and also recorded and greater employee satisfaction and less absenteeism due to sick leave.

At the local government level, with the transition of the increasing number of citizens from cars to bicycles, public space is increasing in quality and the need for large infrastructure costs for the expansion and maintenance of roads is reduced.

Using experiences and recommendations from a dozen European countries who have many decades of tradition of such initiatives, Cyclists’ union will apply best practices and develop a system of motivation and awards to employees and employers who are involved in the project.

[td_text_with_title custom_title=”Formal information about the project”]The Cyclists’ union is the only Croatian partner in the international European consortium that is implementing the project “Bike2Work: Smart choice for commuters.” The body of the EU co-financed project is “EASME” through the Intelligent Energy Europe program. A consortium led by the European Cycling Federation (ECF) consists of 13 partners from 12 countries (Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta). The project officially started on March 26th 2014 and lasts 36 months. As a result of this project, at the level of the project consortium, the expected savings are approximately 8,870 tons of fuel and about 53,000 tons of CO2.[/td_text_with_title]