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Our work

We work towards improving conditions to get around using bicycles which are an efficient, sustainable and healthy means of transportation. By promoting cycling as a key means of transportation, we promote and work on transforming cities into clean, safe, pleasant and green cities, built for people. Our activities include proposing cycling paths, meeting with local authorities, participating in legislation proposal discussions, organising Pedalafest, critical mass rides and educating children and youth, among other things.

Vision of Zagreb cycling highways

Zagreb prides itself with more than 300 km of cycling paths, but nearly all of them amount to too narrow, randomly painted paths on side-walks. Zagreb has yet to show a cycling path that connects different parts of the city in a sensible, pleasant and safe way.

Working locally

To improve conditions for cycling, we collaborate with local authorities. Meetings, memos, proposals, data – all our communication and collaboration is made transparent on this web site.

Small steps!

We have prepared and proposed hundreds of smaller and larger proposals to improve comfort, safety and quality of cycling infrastructure.


Pedalafest is the biggest cycling festival in Croatia! The festival fosters exchange of opinions on the importance of cycling as an ideal city mode of transportation and connects people who share the basic underlying values of just and equal opportunities to participate in transportation using different means of transportation, improving public spaces and transiting towards sustainable cities.

Laws, regulations, strategies...

A number of national and local regulations impact cycling. We keep an eye on national laws, regulations, norms, action plans and strategies, local regulations, development plans and decisions. We participate in public discussions and take every opportunity to cause an actual positive effect on Croatian streets.

foto: Mirela Šavrljuga

Bike to work

The Cyclists' Union participates in the international ``Bike to Work`` project which aims to promote and ease use of bicycles to travel from and to work. By organising promotion campaigns and through continued work with companies, we aim to increase the share of workers leaving their cars at home or not buying a car in the first place.


We carry out an array of educational programmes with the goal of raising awareness about the bicycle as an ideal tool for transportation and recreation which can be used regardless of age, gender, status, wealth, level of education, employment or place of residence. We promote a positive traffic culture, abiding by laws and treating everyone else on the road respectfully.

Policija kažnjava biciklista na Selskoj

Legal support

Our legal department advises citizens on protecting their rights which may be jeoperdised in certain traffic situations. We focus primarily on traffic regulations and safety concers.