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About us

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Cyclists’ Union is a voluntary association which advocates the improvement of conditions for cycling as efficient, sustainable and healthy means of transport. We advocate for and work on the transformation of the cities into clean, safe, comfortable and green urban areas, promoting the ‘cities for people’ approach and cycling as a desirable way of transport.

Through workshops, education and other promotional projects we provide safer conditions for cycling and increase the quality of life in urban areas. We believe that priority in traffic planning should be given to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and to public transport.

Our association also acts as a platform that gathers experts from the field of transport, urban planning, energy efficiency, pedagogy, social science, education and rehabilitation science as well as ecology. We are recognized in the region as one of the leading organizations of civil society in the area of ​​bicycle traffic.

Infrastructure section

Infrastructure section’s objectives are the expansion of cycling infrastructure  (development of a functioning and sustainable plan for the future of bicycle paths and lanes in Zagreb, forming an item in the city budget intended for the construction of cycling infrastructure regardless of the rhythm of reconstruction of the street), the improvement of existing paths (the removal of obstacles and interruptions, lowering excessive curbs) and eliminating black spots for cyclists. In addition, we systematically work to improve regulations related to cycling and road construction, legalization and facilitating the bicycle commuting through the city and spreading the 30 km/h zones in the city districts.

Join the Infra section and help our city become a cycling-friendly city!

Contact: infra@sindikatbiciklista.hr

Edu section

Educational section of our association carries out diverse educational programs to raise awareness of a bicycle as an ideal transportation and recreational asset the use of which does not depend on age, sex, socio-economic status, level of education, employment or place of residence. We promote mutual respect and regard for traffic regulations among all road users, especially among cyclists. The most important part of our work relates to the conduct of educational lectures and workshops in Zagreb schools and kindergartens.

We invite all those who want to invest their example, energy and creativity in our work.

Join Edu section and help to educate both existing and future cyclists!

Contact: edu@sindikatbiciklista.hr

Legal section

Through the legal section, Cyclists’ union advises its members to act and protect their rights in a variety of situations in which the rights of cyclists can be violated. The area of protection that Cyclists’ union covers is primarily relating to traffic laws, the safety in traffic and misdemeanor law. In order to ensure the highest levels of assistance, Cyclists’ union is developing a network of lawyers and attorneys involved pro bono.

Join the legal section and help to make our laws and regulations more protective and stimulating for cyclists!

Contact: info@sindikatbiciklista.hr

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